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Medical Device In-service and Field Service Outsourcing

Services tailored to meet the needs of medical device companies

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National, On-site Medical Device Field Service

Do you need help supporting or deploying your company’s medical device to customer locations? Are you struggling with the logistical complexities of getting trained medical staff to your customer sites? Selling and supporting medical devices only just begins when the “sale” is made. Once a device is sold it has to be delivered, set up, and the customer has to be properly trained. Furthermore, most medical devices require ongoing field support for many years. Based on research conducted by Field Service USA, 56% of companies subcontract some portion of their field service work and an additional 11% are looking to do so in the future. Subcontracting all or a portion of your field service work does make economic sense and can improve customer satisfaction.

If you are a small to medium size medical device maker, hiring and running a field support staff can be extremely expensive and very cumbersome. BHN provides a way to outsource your field service or in-service customer tasks to our national team of licensed nurses. BHN nurses are able to go on site, set up equipment, train your customers’ staff members, and provide ongoing on-site support. This is all done with minimal travel cost due to our national footprint of strategically positioned nurses.

Below are a few scenarios where you might find our services beneficial:

  • New product release. If you have a new product, you are probably uncertain about the exact market adoption rate. This makes it likely that you will either hire too many or too few field service technicians. We can provide you just the right number in the right locations because our structure and costs are variable.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction. Increasing customer satisfaction is typically a function of getting the right person on-site quickly. BHN can provide you the right people (highly skilled nurses that are accustomed to working with practice staff and patients), and they can get to sites quickly because of their strategic locations across the country.
  • Shifting strategic initiatives. Your company may be undergoing some strategic changes. For example, if you have a hot new product being launched that will consume most of your sales support services, you may need additional support for other legacy product lines. If you cut them off or reduce support for them, you'll end up with very unhappy customers which can negatively impact your brand and reputation. We can offer you a way to support legacy product lines with a variable cost structure that will keep your customers happy and continue to be supporting fans.
  • Domestic support for international medical product companies. Scaling a business to a new country is always a large undertaking. If you are an international company that is expanding into the United States, we can offer you on site in service support so you can offer full national coverage without hiring a single full-time employee.
  • Urology and/or OB/GYN specialty. BHN has extensive experience in the urology and OB/GYN medical specialties. If you need assistance in these areas, our specialties can be put to use for your benefit. We do work in other areas, but our knowledge of urology and OB/GYN practices is unparalleled.
  • Re-organization and headcount reduction. If you are charged with reducing headcount or restructuring your organization, outsourcing field service may be a viable option. By outsourcing the field service work to us, you can reduce your headcount and make your cost structure variable without reducing support levels.

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Field Service Case Study

Recently, a customer of ours that is a large publicly traded medical device maker with many products in the OB/GYN market released a major new product line. To support this product line they needed to reallocate sale support and field service staff to help move the product quickly. This left some legacy products without the proper support. The legacy products were very profitable and continued to have a very active and large customer base. Not providing the proper support for this customer base could create considerable negative market sentiment. Therefore this customer opted to use our services to support one of its primary legacy products. We were able to put together a plan to provide both in-service and re-in-service support nationally, and we put this plan into effect in only two months. As part of this engagement we setup and installed new equipment, trained customer staff on how to properly use the equipment, and managed all related logistical details. We also helped support existing equipment through re-training, on-site repair and troubleshooting, and equipment replacement and upgrades.

Best of all, the client only paid for the days we performed on-site work. This made their cost structure completely variable which aligned with their strategic initiatives. After 12 months we had performed dozens of in-service visits, and our follow-up customer satisfaction surveys indicated that we earned 9.2 out of 10 stars. We fully expect this arrangement to continue for years.


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