In-Office Urodynamic Testing Services

We offer urodynamic testing services performed in your clinic or hospital. We provide the equipment, staff, supplies, and software needed to perform urodynamics testing efficiently.

  •   Multi-channel urodynamics
  •   No up-front investments
  •   No equipment to repair or maintain
  •   No staff to train or credential
  •   Very cost effective

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Urodynamics Staffing

Training and maintaining a qualified and efficient urodynamics staff is a major challenge for most clinics and hospitals. Good training is difficult to find, and a nurse/tech needs to perform a few hundred urodynamics procedures before they are proficient. Letting us provide your urodynamics staff takes away this headache. Our staff is fully trained and ready to get right to work.

Urodynamics Staff

Urodynamics Equipment

Urodynamics equipment is expensive and difficult to maintain. A new multi-channel urodynamics machine with all the needed peripherals and a warranty can cost well over $50,000. Only clinics and practices performing large numbers of urodynamics studies can justify such an expense. The equipment price combined with the speed at which the technology and software changes, makes a rent option or pay per use option logical and prudent. This is exactly what we offer.

Urodynamics Equipment

Urodynamics Supplies

Each urodynamics study performed requires an array of specialized supplies, including a special and urodynamics catheters. A partial list of supplies required includes: disposable underpads, abdominal sensor urodynamics catheter, dual sensor water-filled catheter, pressure tubing, electrode pack, Coloplast self-cath, iodine swab stick, germicidal wipes, and more.

Stocking and tracking these supplies is challenging and expensive. BHN alleviates this issue and expense as well by providing all the needed supplies in one turn-key solution.

Urodynamics Supplies - Catheter